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other MANIFEST 17-Apr-2018 14:30 427 open
other MD5SUMS 17-Apr-2018 14:30 317 open
other boot.img 17-Apr-2018 14:30 18.9M open
application/x-tar boot.tar.bz2 17-Apr-2018 14:30 11.1M open
application/json build_config.json 17-Apr-2018 14:30 605 open
other cache.img 17-Apr-2018 14:30 66.0M open
text changelog.txt 17-Apr-2018 14:30 636 open
text 17-Apr-2018 14:30 252 open
application/json installed-files-vendor.json 17-Apr-2018 14:30 40.3K open
text installed-files-vendor.txt 17-Apr-2018 14:30 11.3K open
application/json installed-files.json 17-Apr-2018 14:30 764.8K open
text installed-files.txt 17-Apr-2018 14:30 235.9K open
other juno.img.bz2 17-Apr-2018 14:30 3.4K open
other kernel_config 17-Apr-2018 14:30 112.8K open
text 17-Apr-2018 14:30 7.6K open
application/json module-info.json 17-Apr-2018 14:30 3.1M open
text 17-Apr-2018 14:30 97 open
application/xml pinned-manifest.xml 17-Apr-2018 14:30 109.0K open
other ramdisk.img 17-Apr-2018 14:30 1.1M open
application/xml source-manifest.xml 17-Apr-2018 14:30 57.1K open
other system.img 17-Apr-2018 14:30 1.2G open
other uInitrd.img 17-Apr-2018 14:30 1.1M open
other userdata.img 17-Apr-2018 14:30 550.0M open
other vendor.img 17-Apr-2018 14:30 248.0M open


Accessing Source Code

Linaro Android Source Code

Download the Android building script for this build
from the list of artifacts listed above, and run it.
This script will help to download the entire source code for both Android and
the kernel and attempt to build it.

Most commonly used options for

$ ./ -h #To print the script usage
$ ./ -t #To build from the tip of the branch without overlay
$ ./ -t -o <overlay> #To build from the tip of the branch with provided overlay
$ ./ -m <pinned_manifest> -o <overlay> #To reproduce an exact build from pinned manifest
$ ./ -t -u <url-aosp-mirror-manifest> #Provide the url to your AOSP mirror manifest

The pinned manifest(pinned-manifest.xml(?) and source manifest(source-manifest.xml) can be found from the list of artifacts

Compiling Linaro Android RootFS+Kernel

The following simple steps download, install and compile a complete Linaro Android distribution

  • Download and install Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit or newer (download)
  • Download the Android building script for this build from the list of artifacts listed above
  • Run the script

Build from the tip of the source:

chmod a+x
./ -t  or  ./ -t -u <url-aosp-mirror-manifest>

Or reproduce the exactly the same as this buid:

chmod a+x
./ -m pinned-manifest.xml or ./ -m pinned-manifest.xml -u <url-aosp-mirror-manifest>

Installing Android on your board

cd android/out/target/product/juno
sudo linaro-android-media-create --mmc /dev/sdX --dev vexpress --boot boot.tar.bz2 --systemimage system.img --userdataimage userdata.img

Insert the USB drive into your board and reboot it. You must configure UEFI each time you create a new disk image.