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The Linaro Toolchain Working Group (TCWG) is pleased to announce the 2016.06 snapshot of the Linaro GCC 6 source package.

This monthly snapshot1 is based on FSF GCC 6.1+svn237469 and includes performance improvements and bug fixes backported from mainline GCC. This snapshot contents will be part of the 2016.08 stable2 quarterly release.

Interesting changes in this GCC source package snapshot include:

  • Updates to GCC 6.1+svn237469
  • Backport of [Bugfix] [AArch32] PR target/69857 Remove bogus early return false; in gen_operands_ldrd_strd
  • Backport of [AArch32] Add mode to probe_stack set operands
  • Backport of [AArch32] arm/ieee754-df.S: Fix typos in comments
  • Backport of [AArch32] Do not set ARM_ARCH_ISA_THUMB for armv5
  • Backport of [AArch32] Error out for incompatible ARM multilibs
  • Backport of [AArch32] Fix costing of sign-extending load in rtx costs
  • Backport of [AArch32] Tie operand 1 to operand 0 in AESMC pattern when fusing AES/AESMC
  • Backport of [AArch32] Use proper output modifier for DImode register in store exclusive patterns
  • Backport of [AArch64] 1/4 Add the missing support of vfms_n_f32, vfmsq_n_f32, vfmsq_n_f64
  • Backport of [AArch64] 2/4 Extend vector mutiply by element to all supported modes
  • Backport of [AArch64] 3/4 Reimplement multiply by element to get rid of inline assembly
  • Backport of [AArch64] 4/4 Reimplement vmvn* intrinscis, remove inline assembly
  • Backport of [AArch64] Adjust SIMD integer preference
  • Backport of [AArch64] Delete ASM_OUTPUT_DEF and fallback to default .set directive
  • Backport of [AArch64] Don’t define a macro when a variable will do
  • Backport of [AArch64] Fix shift attributes
  • Backport of [AArch64] Improve aarch64_case_values_threshold setting
  • Backport of [AArch64] print_operand should not fallthrough from register operand into generic operand
  • Backport of [AArch64] Remove aarch64_simd_attr_length_move
  • Backport of [AArch64] Set TARGET_OMIT_STRUCT_RETURN_REG to true
  • Backport of [AArch64] Simplify ashl3 expander for SHORT modes
  • Backport of [AArch64] Simplify reduc_plus_scal_v2[sd]f sequence
  • Backport of [AArch64] Tie operand 1 to operand 0 in AESMC pattern when AES/AESMC fusion is enabled
  • Backport of [AArch64] Update documentation of AArch64 options for GCC6
  • Backport of [AArch64] Wrap SHIFT_COUNT_TRUNCATED in brackets
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch32] 01/11 Fix typo in vreinterpret.c test comment
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch32] 02/11 Remove useless #ifdefs from these tests: vmul, vshl and vtst
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch32] 03/11 AdvSIMD tests: be more verbose
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch32] 04/11 Add forgotten vsliq_n_u64 vsliq_n_s64 tests
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch32] 05/11 Add missing vreinterpretq_p{8,16} tests
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch32] 06/11 Add missing vtst_p16 and vtstq_p16, and vtst_p{8,16} and vtstq_p{8,16} tests
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch32] 07/11 Add vget_lane fp16 tests
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch32] 08/11 Add missing vstX_lane fp16 tests
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch32] 09/11 Add missing vrnd{,a,m,n,p,x} tests
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch32] 10/11 Add missing tests for intrinsics operating on poly64 and poly128 types
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch32] 11/11 Add missing tests for vreinterpret, operating of fp16 type
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch64] Fix vmul_elem_1.c on big-endian
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch64] Guard float64_t with aarch64
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch64] Skip cpu-diagnostics tests when overriding -mcpu
  • Backport of [Testsuite] gcc-dg: handle all return values when shouldfail is set
  • Backport of [Testsuite] PR70227, skip g++.dg/lto/pr69589_0.C on targets without -rdynamic support
  • Backport of [Testsuite] PR tree-optimization/57206
  • Backport of [Testsuite] Skip tail call tests on Thumb-1 targets
  • Backport of [Misc] Increase default value of lto-min-partition to 10000
  • Backport of [Misc] introduce —param max-lto-partition for having an upper bound on partition size
  • Backport of [Cleanup] [AArch32] Fix typos in *thumb1_mulsi3 comment
  • Backport of [Cleanup] [AArch32] Remove unused TARGET_ARM_V*M macros
  • Backport of [Cleanup] [AArch64] Delete obsolete CC_ZESWP and CC_SESWP CC modes
  • Backport of [Cleanup] [AArch64] Remove an unused reload hook
  • Backport of [Cleanup] Convert conditional compilation on WORD_REGISTER_OPERATIONS
  • Backport of [Cleanup] Remove spurious debug code
  • Backport of [Cleanup] Move wrong ChangeLog entry from toplevel to gcc ChangeLog
  • Backport of [Doc] Fix minor doc bugs, signalling typo, major version changes rare

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1 Source package snapshots are defined when the compiler is only put through unit-testing and full validation is not performed.

2 Stable source package releases are defined as releases where the full Linaro Toolchain validation plan is executed.