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The Linaro Toolchain Working Group (TCWG) is pleased to announce the 2016.02 snapshot of the Linaro GCC 5 source package.

This monthly snapshot1 is based on FSF GCC 5.3+svn233233 and includes performance improvements and bug fixes backported from mainline GCC. This snapshot contents will be part of the 2016.05 stable [1] quarterly release.

Interesting changes in this GCC source package snapshot include:

  • Updates to GCC 5.3+svn233233
  • Backport of [Bugfix] [AArch32] PR target/69135: Mark ARMv8 vcvt instructions as unconditional
  • Backport of [Bugfix] [AArch32] PR target/69187 PR target/65624
  • Backport of [Bugfix] [AArch32] PR target/69403: Bug in thumb2_ior_scc_strict_it pattern
  • Backport of [Bugfix] [AArch64] PR rtl-optimization/68796: Add patterns for QImode and HImode comparison with zero
  • Backport of [Bugfix] [AArch64] PR target/69176
  • Backport of [Bugfix] PR target/69175
  • Backport of [Bugfix] PR tree-optimization/67781
  • Backport of [AArch32] Remove neon_reinterpret, use casts
  • Backport of [AArch32] [RTEMS] Add Cortex-M7 multilib for FPU support
  • Backport of [AArch64] Avoid emitting zero immediate as zero register
  • Backport of [AArch64] Fix jit crash on aarch64
  • Backport of [AArch64] Fix -mcpu/arch=native support for LSE
  • Backport of [AArch64] Handle compare of zero_extract form of TST-immediate in rtx costs
  • Backport of [AArch64] Handle CSEL of zero_extended operands in rtx costs
  • Backport of [AArch64] Properly reject invalid attribute strings
  • Backport of [AArch64] Remove TODO (redundant type conversions) in arm_neon.h
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch32] Fix gcc.c-torture/execute/loop-2b.c execution failure on cortex-m0
  • Backport of [Testsuite] [AArch32] Fix g++.dg/pr67989.C test failure when running with -march or -mcpu
  • Backport of [Doc] Remove outdated text from lto.texi

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1Stable source package releases are defined as releases where the full Linaro Toolchain validation plan is executed.

2Source package snapshots are defined when the compiler is only put through unit-testing and full validation is not performed.